Property Claims

Property Claims

Manage Your Property Claim Successfully

You probably love your South Florida home or business. Unfortunately, a sudden storm, fire, accident or other catastrophic event can destroy everything you have worked so hard to build. To ensure you have the resources necessary to repair damage or rebuild, you have insurance. You must, however, act diligently to boost your chances of receiving full payment for any property claims you file. Insurance companies make money by collecting premiums and paying as little as possible to claimants. As such, you may receive a partial settlement or claim denial. If that happens, you often only have a finite amount of time to appeal the decision or exercise other legal options. A Miami attorney can help you pursue the maximum amount possible for your property claim.

Common Florida Claims

Most individuals have a significant amount of money, time and effort invested in their home, business or other property. While South Florida is an ideal place to live and work, it also sometimes experiences severe weather. Some common causes of property damage in and around Miami include the following:

• Extreme weather such as hurricanes, thunderstorms, tornadoes and floods
• Catastrophic events such as fires, sinkholes and power outages
• Mold
• Accidents
• Theft, vandalism and other criminal activity

If you have residential or business insurance, there is a good chance your policy covers many different types of damage. Unfortunately, policies often have exclusions. If your package specifically excludes the type of damage your property sustains, you may have trouble obtaining payment from your insurer.

Reasons for Denial

Even if your claim is prepared properly, you may still discover that your insurer is unwilling to pay part or all of it. If your insurer elects to deny your claim, you should receive a denial notice. Claims are often denied for a few common reasons:

• Lack of coverage
• Misrepresentations
• Missing evidence
• Disagreements about damages

A denial notice may or may not tell you how to appeal your insurer’s decision. As such, it is important to understand the appellate process that is outlined in your policy. A knowledgeable lawyer can help you decipher the legal jargon.

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Property claims can be complicated to prepare, appeal and litigate. If you are trying to rebuild after a catastrophic event, you may have insufficient time or energy to successfully manage the insurance process. Here at Seltzer Mayberg, LLC, we are ready to assist. We regularly help individuals throughout South Florida receive fair disbursements for property damage.

Remember, insurance matters often operate pursuant to strict time frames. You do not want to miss out on what is rightfully yours because you missed a deadline. Let the experienced attorneys at Seltzer Mayberg, LLC review your case and advise you on the next steps. Call us today at 305-444-1565, or text one of our attorneys directly from our page. We are available 24/7 to help.

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