Bankruptcy - Involuntary Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy - Involuntary Bankruptcy

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If you are in financial trouble, as an individual or a business, it can be a confusing, extremely stressful time. That stress is often compounded when an involuntary bankruptcy becomes a possibility. At Seltzer Mayberg, we use our years of experience and extensive knowledge of bankruptcy law to make sure your financial future is stable and set up for success.

What Is Involuntary Bankruptcy?

When a creditor requests that a business or person file for bankruptcy, it is known as an involuntary bankruptcy. For the most part, the bankruptcy process is started by the debtor themselves, but when it’s involuntary, the court is petitioned to initiate the proceedings. Creditors often force bankruptcy if they are concerned that they will not be paid back if bankruptcy proceedings are started. An involuntary bankruptcy forces the debtor to pay the creditor back. This process is more common for businesses and less for individuals.
Fortunately, you have the option to object the filing and force a case. There are limitations to what you can do and specific ways to petition creditors to avoid involuntary bankruptcy. As veteran bankruptcy attorneys, we know exactly how to navigate these complex legal systems to increase your chances of success.

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