Insurance Claim Denial

Insurance Claim Denial

Handling an Insurance Claim Denial

You have insurance policies to protect your home, business, vehicle, boat or other property. Because you pay your premiums regularly, you expect your insurance provider to quickly process and pay your claim after an accident, natural disaster or other catastrophic event. However, insurance adjusters regularly deny insurance claims; fortunately, you probably do not have to accept a claim denial. If you receive a denial notice from your insurance provider, you must act quickly to assert your legal rights and advocate for fair payment. Your policy likely has a strict time frame for filing an appeal or lawsuit, but an experienced Miami insurance claims attorney can help you understand your policy, appeal a denial or take appropriate legal action.

Possible Reasons for a Denied Insurance Claim

Insurance companies are usually for-profit corporations that have an obligation to maximize profits for their shareholders. One way of doing so is to pay claimants as little as possible. While some denials are perfectly legitimate, others are not. Here are some possible reasons for a denied insurance claim:

• Fault:The company may argue that you played some role in the damage you sustained. For example, your insurer may say that your home had unrepaired pre-storm damage that caused your roof to fail.
• Exclusions: Insurance policies cover many events, but they also usually expressly exclude others. If the damage you sustain falls outside your policy’s limits, your provider is not likely to cover it.
• Misrepresentations: When applying for your insurance coverage, you may have made intentional or inadvertent misrepresentations. Your insurance company may use these errors as rationale to deny your claim.
• Lack of evidence: Before paying an insurance claim, adjusters typically want to see extensive documentation of loss. If you have insufficient evidence, your insurer may issue a denial notice.
• Difference of opinion: Even though you may have injuries or property damage, your insurer may disagree with their severity and may argue that your claim is worth less than you say it is.

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How Seltzer Mayberg, LLC Can Help With Your Claim

Your insurance policy outlines an appeals process for denied insurance claims. If your insurer made a mistake in denying your claim, you may be able to have the denial overturned on appeal. Otherwise, you may have to bring legal action to receive what is rightfully yours. Either way, the Miami attorneys at Seltzer Mayberg, LLC can help.

Not having the financial resources to repair damaged property after a catastrophic event can be stressful, but you do not have to go it alone. Here at Seltzer Mayberg, LLC, we have a history of representing individuals throughout South Florida. Let us investigate your claim denial and advise you on how to proceed. Call us today at 305-444-1565, or text one of our attorneys directly from our page. We are available 24/7 to help.

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