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Child Custody

Your children are the most important people in your life. Now that you find yourself embroiled in a breakup with their other parent, you want to put yourself in the position to get the ideal child custody arrangement.

Our team at Seltzer Mayberg LLC wants to assist in preserving a meaningful relationship with your children. Learn about some basic custody issues that may arise when you face this type of legal process.

Legal Custody Issues

When you consider child custody, you may believe it has to do with where your children live. However, when going through court to gain custody, it almost always refers to legal considerations and responsibilities, not just residence. Having sole or joint legal custody of your children means you have a say in aspects of their lives:

  • • Where they go to school
  • • What type of religion they are exposed to
  • • Courses of medical treatment, both one-time and continuing
  • • Access to all medical and education records

How the Court Determines Custody

When a Florida court is asked to decide custody, the judge examines the type of relationship each parent has with the children. The court then considers what is in the best interests of the children. Unless there is a history of neglect, abuse or harm, the court typically tends to fall on the side of granting both parents legal custody. Most courts agree such joint arrangements are best for the welfare of children.

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