Bankruptcy - Chapter 7 Business Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 Business Bankruptcy

Filing for Chapter 7 Business Bankruptcy

Owning your business is an adventure you will most likely never come to regret. When the business does well, the experience feels even more worthwhile. However, all it takes is one bad investment, the default of a large client or a major shift in the market to put a financial squeeze on your company. When that happens, you might find yourself wondering if a Chapter 7 business bankruptcy is right for you.

What Is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for Business?

Companies do not often turn to Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing as it generally shuts down the business. The trustee assigned to the case then liquidates assets to pay creditors in a specific order. Bankruptcy courts do not need to discharge debts because the owing entity “dies” with them at the end of the filing process. Here are some of the many reasons businesses owners who choose this option do so:

  • • To illustrate transparency at the voluntary closing of a business, so that all creditors receive what was due from what was available in accordance with the law.
  • • To delegate the liquidation process to a trustee instead of handling it themselves.
  • • To end to high debt loads racked up when starting or operating the business, provided there were no personal guarantees.

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Should I File for Chapter 7 Business Bankruptcy?

When our clients ask us this question, we ask them if they are ready to close their businesses. If there is some desire to keep the doors open and they can find a way to do so, it might be worth considering a Chapter 13 bankruptcy instead. Contact professionals at Seltzer Mayberg. We can work with you to determine what route might suit your business best.

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