Lawsuit Defense

Lawsuit Defense

Defending You Against Lawsuits

America has become known as the most litigious nation in the world. Whether this is statistically true might be debatable, but culturally, lawsuits have become fairly normal. Now, just about anyone might need a lawsuit defense attorney at one point in their lives, even if they own no property, hold no position of power and don’t operate a business.

Common Reasons for Lawsuits

There are several reasons why someone or an organization might choose to bring a civil suit against you. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • • Personal injury after a car crash or dog attack
  • • Harassment while merely trying to enforce the rules of a contract
  • • Unauthorized use of intellectual property
  • • Libel allegations after publicly sharing information from a sexual harassment claim
  • • Failure to keep information secure after signing a non-disclosure agreement

Businesses Most Likely To Face Lawsuits

Naturally, businesses and business owners face a much greater risk of lawsuits because they interact more frequently with the general public. Proactive business owners in these fields often keep an attorney on speed dial just in case:

  • • Health care
  • • Pharmaceutical
  • • Food
  • • Technology
  • • Transportation
  • • Insurance

Preparation for Small Businesses

Not all lawsuits can be prevented, but there are steps individuals and businesses can take to reduce the likelihood. Identifying when you work in an industry or live a lifestyle that puts you at greater risk for litigation is the first step. Thereafter, you need to ensure you consult with an experienced Florida lawsuit defense attorney.

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