Family - Paternity

Family - Paternity

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At Seltzer Mayberg, we know how stressful and contentious family law issues can be. We make sure to handle each case with a compassionate approach while also aggressively advocating for our clients. One of the many family law issues that we handle in the state of Florida is establishing paternity.

How Is Paternity Determined?

Paternity in the state of Florida is determined either through an Establishment of Paternity case or a birth during marriage. When paternity is established, both the child and the parent are given certain rights. A child is entitled to the following:

  • • Social security, military allowance or other relational benefits
  • • Health insurance and financial support from the parent
  • • Family medical history

The parent is also entitled to receive custody or visitation and can be involved in many legal decisions that are made in relation to the child.
If a child is not born when both parents are married, there are four different ways to establish paternity in the state of Florida:
  • • The child’s father is identified by a paternity test
  • • An updated birth record is provided after a couple gets married
  • • A court order of paternity is provided by a judge
  • • Paternity is acknowledged by both parties through signature

  • No matter how paternity is determined or contested, we are here to handle the legal aspects of the entire process, so your rights are protected.

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