Fire Damage Claims

Fire Damage Claims

Receive Full Payment for Your Fire Damage

Because fires are often fast-moving, an unmitigated blaze may destroy your home or business. Fortunately, you have an insurance policy that covers fire damage. With a full payment from your insurer, you can repair extensive damage. If an insurance company refuses to pay your claim or offers you a partial payment, however, your situation may go from bad to worse.You faithfully pay insurance premiums to have protection when disaster strikes. Still, insurance adjusters deny claims at an almost alarming rate. An experienced Miami claims denial attorney can help investigate your claim, understand your denial and fight for what is rightfully yours. You may only have a small window to appeal a denial or otherwise assert your legal rights, however. As such, it is important that you do not delay taking appropriate action.

Common Types of Fire-Related Damage

Fires have the potential to destroy buildings quickly. If your home or business has suffered this type of disaster, you may have to contend with the following types of damage:

• Structural: Flames can weaken the structural elements of many buildings. Furthermore, when extinguishing a blaze, firefighters may chop through walls, roofs, floors or other integral parts of a home or business.
• Smoke: Many compounds found in smoke, such as carbon monoxide, are toxic or irritating. After the flames die down, parts of a building with no direct fire damage may still have extensive smoke contamination.
• Water: If your building has a fire-suppression system, it may sustain extensive water damage during even small blazes. Additionally, emergency responders are likely to use water to extinguish fires or prevent them from spreading. Either way, you may have flooding, mold growth and other water-related damage.

The costs to repair fire-related damage can add up quickly. After all, flames and their byproducts may touch virtually all parts of your home or business. When addressing damage, you not only must repair damaged structures but you must also repair or replace furnishings, personal belongings, equipment and other items.

Rationale for Denying Claims

Your insurance provider may choose to pay only part of your claim or to deny the claim altogether. If you receive a denial notice, your insurer is likely to cite one or more of the following reasons:

• Suspected arson
• Contributory fault or negligence
• Insufficient coverage
• Exclusions
• Material misrepresentations
• Lack of sufficient documentation

Knowing why your insurance company rejected your claim is the first step to fighting back. Accordingly, you should always read the denial notice carefully. Then, you should seek the assistance of an experienced Miami claims denial attorney.

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