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Aggressively Representing Your Best Interests in Civil Lawsuits

At Seltzer Mayberg, we are a group of experienced, competent, knowledgeable attorneys who are committed to aggressively fighting for the rights of every client. Whether this is through a personal injury case, a family law matter or a civil lawsuit, we provide personalized service and affordable representation.
If you are filing a civil claim against another individual or business or are on the opposite side of the matter, we are here to protect you and set you up for success. We do our best to help you avoid a long, drawn-out legal case and rather come up with creative solutions so you can quickly move on with your life.

Why File a Civil Lawsuit?

Civil litigation is the process of one person suing another in Florida courts, usually to recoup compensation through monetary awards or damages. Anyone can bring a civil lawsuit, and the issue stays between two private parties rather than involving the government, like in a criminal case.
Civil lawsuits are often filed for personal injury matters, such as the following:

  • • Medical malpractice
  • • Intentional acts
  • • Defective products
  • • Slip and fall accidents
  • • Car accidents
  • • Defamation

They are also filed for contract claims, harassment and discrimination, family law and property disputes. Most of these cases are settled through mediation or arbitration, but we are fully prepared to take a case all the way to court, if necessary, to get the results you want.

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