Hurricane Damage

Hurricane Damage

Get the Payment You Deserve for Hurricane Damage

Like most home and business owners in South Florida, you have insurance coverage that protects your property from major storms. Still, receiving full payment for hurricane damage is sometimes more difficult than it sounds. Unfortunately, if you do not receive what is rightfully yours, you may have trouble repairing damaged structures or rebuilding demolished ones. Insurance companies deny damage claims frequently. While getting a denial notice is disheartening, you likely have some options. Not only does your policy have an appellate procedure but you can also file a lawsuit pursuant to Florida law. Note, however, that you may have a limited window to seek a reversal of a claim denial. An experienced Miami attorney can help you explore each alternative.

Potential Damage From Major Storms

If your home or business has weathered a major storm, you may have to contend with minor, moderate or severe damage. Here are some common types of damage any building may sustain in a hurricane:

• Structural damage
• Window and door breaks
• Roof, gutter and siding damage
• Fire damage
• Flooding
• Mold growth

A major storm poses a significant risk to more than just structures. You may also have car, boat or RV damage after the clouds clear. Furthermore, your landscaping, swimming pool or spa may take a beating from any noteworthy weather event.

Common Reasons for Claim Denials

Even though you regularly pay insurance premiums, your provider may not immediately compensate you for storm damage. While delays can be frustrating, you may eventually receive an outright denial. Here are a few common ways insurance providers deny storm claims:

• Considering certain repairs to be unnecessary
• Categorizing storm damage as pre-existing
• Requiring unreasonable documentation or evidence
• Labeling damage as exclusionary
• Accusing you of misrepresenting material facts
• Asserting that you waited too long to file your claim

When it comes time to pay storm claims, insurance companies have some options. Your provider may pay the claim in full, deny it completely, or choose to pay part of your claim while denying other portions of it. If you receive less than the value of your damage, be aware that you may not have much time to fight back.

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