Bankruptcy - Chapter 7

Bankruptcy - Chapter 7

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When you are drowning in overwhelming debt, the future can seem bleak. Debt is not always the result of irresponsible spending. It can also be caused by an unexpected job loss, a divorce or sudden medical bills. Those who need help managing their debt in Florida have the option to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and the attorneys at Seltzer Mayberg are here to make sure the process is handled in a way that sets you up for success.

All About Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

To file for bankruptcy in Florida, you must own property in the state or be a permanent resident of the state. When a person files for Chapter 7, any assets are gathered and sold to pay off unsecured debts. An important aspect of Chapter 7 in Florida is the idea of exempt property or exemptions. This refers to the property you can keep during and after bankruptcy is filed. Exemptions may include the following:

  • • Wages
  • • Retirement accounts
  • • Motor vehicles
  • • Personal property
  • • Homestead

We understand that every bankruptcy case is unique, and every family and individual faces different challenges when it comes to debt. There is no one size fits all solution to discharging debt, and that’s why we have experienced attorneys who come up with creative legal solutions that set you up for success. Because Florida laws are complex and complicated for the average resident, we provide a free initial consultation to determine what the best course of action is for you moving forward.

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