Neck Injuries

Neck Injury

Understanding Neck Injuries

Your spinal column provides your body with structure, supports your head and encases your spinal cord. While this column is strong, it connects to muscles, ligaments and other soft tissues that are prone to injury in any type of accident. Whether you have a car crash, a fall, a work-related incident or another type of trauma, you may sustain life-altering neck injuries. If you have a neck injury, you should talk to a qualified Miami personal injury attorney as soon as you can. Frequently, individuals with neck trauma immediately lose the ability to work. Furthermore, after either a brief or lengthy hospital stay, recovering persons must arrange transportation to follow-up appointments and plan for ongoing care; doing so can be both expensive and inconvenient. Eventually, medical bills that can be impossible to pay begin to accumulate. An experienced Miami personal injury lawyer can help you pursue fair compensation for your neck injury.

Common Types of Neck Damage

If your neck sustains any type of injury, you may develop life-long complications. A few common neck injuries include the following:

• Whiplash is a soft-tissue injury that usually occurs when your head moves rapidly, damaging your spine and the muscles that surround it. If you develop whiplash, you may have neck and shoulder pain or stiffness. You may also experience numbness, tingling or loss of motion in your arms.
• Vertebrae fractures happen when a bone in your spine breaks. If you have a hairline fracture, you may experience whiplash-like symptoms. With more serious fractures, a bone or bone fragment may bruise, tear or sever your spinal cord. This can cause you to experience irreversible paralysis.
• Herniated discs involve the cartilage cushions between your neck bones. With rapid head movement, these discs may bulge or slip out of place. Often, herniated discs pinch nerves, causing excruciating pain and other problems.

It can be difficult to correctly diagnose and treat a neck injury. In addition, symptoms of neck injuries may not appear immediately. You may not realize you have injured your neck until hours, days or even weeks after an accident, so it is vital that you seek medical treatment following any type of possible neck trauma.

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