Boat Accidents

Boat Accidents

Boat Accidents in Florida

If you are a Florida resident or frequent visitor to the Sunshine State, chances are you own a boat or know someone who does. Boating is fun, no question, but safety on the water is a priority because accidents can happen quickly and for a variety of reasons. There are four main causes:

• Alcohol Alcohol and boating do not mix. Anyone who operates a boat and causes an accident after consuming alcohol faces a charge of boating under the influence. The rules are basically the same as those a driver must follow while operating a car, and the penalties are just as harsh, especially if an accident on the water results in injuries or fatalities.
• Weather If you are planning on enjoying a day on the water, check the weather forecast. Florida weather can be unpredictable, and a rough stretch can appear without warning. If hazardous weather and water conditions occur before you can return to port, make sure you are thoroughly familiar with the safety gear on board your boat.
• Equipment failure If you are a boat owner, always check the equipment on your vessel before heading out. If you are renting a boat, ask the owner when the vessel was last inspected. Check equipment such as the engine, steering apparatus and communication system as well as the safety equipment. If equipment failure occurs while you are out on the water, you and your fellow passengers could find yourselves in a dangerous position.
• Inexperience If you own a boat, you may be confident of your ability to operate it, but if you are a passenger, you must depend on the skill and expertise of the operator to keep you safe. As a rule, people who drive boats are not as experienced with this mode of transportation as they are with cars, which could be the basis for an accident on the water.

Common Boating Injuries

Brain damage is one of the most common types of injuries resulting from boating accidents and can alter the life of the victim. Spinal cord injuries and broken bones are also common. You can fall on a slippery deck, trip over displaced equipment or be thrown against the rail or another stationery object. No matter the size of the vessel, many opportunities for injuries exist, including being thrown overboard due to a collision or the onset of dangerous weather conditions.

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