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Our clients often express to us that probation still feels very much like prison. While this is certainly an exaggeration, it is not an unwarranted one. Probation comes with so many restrictions that keeping track of them all can become difficult. Before long, you might find yourself accused of probation violations without even really understanding what you did wrong.

What Happens If the Accusations Go Unchallenged?

Unfortunately, just one accusation could result in the loss of the freedoms you enjoyed. Not only might the situation end with you behind bars, but it might also lead to you facing an extended sentence. This can have a devastating effect on not just your personal life and your future career, but also on the lives of your family members.

What We Plan To Do About It

When you hire a Seltzer Mayberg defense attorney to handle your case, we begin with a thorough review of the details. We try to determine if the officers involved respected your rights and arrested you lawfully. Of equal importance is gathering proof of your good character to show the contributions you have made as a free individual.

The Qualifications We Bring to the Table

Our lead attorney retired from the life of a Miami-Dade prosecutor to defend our clients and brought that experience with him. He knows the tactics police officers and prosecutors often use to make their cases, and he counters them at the source. While he sets the standard in the firm, our other criminal law defense attorneys are also well-equipped to handle the case.

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