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Has your child been accused of committing a crime in Miami?

It’s the call no parent wants to receive — the one informing him or her that his or her child has been arrested. If it is you on the receiving end of the phone, you may feel a flurry of emotions, ranging from anger to panic to fear for your child’s future. Whether the arrest stemmed from a youthful mistake, a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time or a blatant violation of the law, your child faces severe penalties that could cause problems in his or her adult life. To prevent such consequences from befalling your teen, contact the juvenile crimes defense lawyer at Seltzer Mayberg, LLC, today.

The Juvenile Offenses We Handle

Juvenile crimes run the gamut from disorderly conduct to vandalism to aggravated assault and battery. While many juvenile crimes are considered misdemeanors, some are felonies. Regardless of the classification, it is important that you hire a juvenile defense lawyer who is well-versed in a variety of offenses, such as our attorneys here at Seltzer Mayberg, LLC. Cases we can handle competently include the following:

  • • Disorderly conduct
  • • Petit larceny
  • • Vandalism
  • • Trespassing
  • • Misdemeanor obstruction of justice
  • • Drug crimes
  • • Underage drinking
  • • Burglary
  • • Assault and battery
  • • Grand larceny
  • • Sexual assault
  • • DUI

Though the punishments for juvenile crimes depend on the severity of the crime, the youth’s age, the law and other factors, a criminal record can hurt your child’s reputation and future. Our team will aggressively defend your son or daughter’s innocence in court and fight to obtain the best possible outcome.

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An underage arrest can quickly turn into criminal charges and an unfavorable sentence. The attorneys at Seltzer Mayberg, LLC, are familiar with the juvenile defense system and with the tactics that yield the best possible outcomes. For the aggressive criminal defense your child can count on, call us at 305-444-1565 today.

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