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Defending You Against Accusations of Theft

No one wants to go through life branded as a thief. Even beyond the legal implications, there is also ethics at play that can make it difficult to move forward with your life. People generally distrust those they consider thieves, and there is nothing like a criminal record to give them the confirmation bias they desire. We fight to defend you so that you can get a fresh start.

Types of Theft-Related Crimes

There are many different types of crimes that fall under the general header of “theft.” Each might come with its own penalties, so it’s important to understand the distinctions of the charges against you. Here are some of the most common:

  • • Shoplifting: Taking items from a store or other place of business without paying for the goods
  • • Burglary: Unlawfully entering someone’s home with the intention of committing a crime
  • • Robbery: Using force or intimidation to take someone else’s personal property
  • • Carjacking: Using force or intimidation to permanently or temporarily deprive the owner(s) of use of a motor vehicle
  • • False Personation: Pretending to be someone else to trick an individual into transferring possession of personal property
  • Potential Consequences

    Theft-related cases and the consequences that follow come down to the specific details. This includes the value of the allegedly stolen property, whether you reportedly used force and if anyone suffered an injury or death. Generally speaking, we’ve seen fines as high as $10,000 and prison sentences as long as 30 years. We have also helped people walk away with no charges or with only light sentences.

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