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When you are facing criminal charges for weapons offenses, the reality is sobering and startling. If the case is not handled quickly and correctly, you may face jail time, fines, limitations on your ability to possess a weapon in the future and the forfeiture of any weapons you currently own. At Seltzer Mayberg, our experienced criminal defense attorneys provide an aggressive approach to defending your rights.

The Types of Weapons Offenses

In Florida, a weapons offense could be the improper use, purchase or possession of a weapon. It can also refer to a weapon enhancement. This is when a weapon is used when a violent crime is committed and can lead to a more extensive judgment. There are several common weapons charges, including the following:

  • • Discharge or possession of a weapon at an event sponsored by a school
  • • Allowing a person under 16 to have access to a firearm that is loaded
  • • Unlicensed concealment or carry of a firearm
  • • Firearm possession by a convicted felon

  • Punishments often depend on the severity of the crime, but a good attorney may be able to decrease the consequences you face if you are facing charges for weapons offenses. Because your future is at stake, it’s important that you speak to an attorney as soon as possible after you are charged.

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