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Expert Defense for an Arson Charge

A charge of arson is a serious one, and it demands an expert defense from a powerful legal team. At Seltzer Mayberg, LLC, you will get the full resources of one of the top criminal defense teams in Miami. A well-crafted defense depends on a deep understanding of arson laws and the central concept of malicious intent. Our attorneys will develop an aggressive strategy that ensures your case is made in the strongest terms possible. We will not waver in our defense of your legal rights.

The Law

A guilty verdict must show beyond a reasonable doubt that an arsonist engaged in malicious intent when setting a fire. It must also prove damages. Finally, it must prove that the property could have included the presence of humans. Other facts about an arson conviction:

  • • It is a felony.
  • • The penalties are severe, including prison time.
  • • It can be devastating to a person's reputation.
  • • It can have crippling financial consequences.
  • The Defense

    Our defense team will scrutinize the weaknesses in the case against you for arson, including the proof of malicious intent. We will look closely at all other factors that may prove your innocence. We will listen to your side of the story and enter evidence on your behalf throughout the legal proceedings. Our goal is to build the strongest defense possible for your case. Your team will include former prosecutors and public defenders.

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